Casa della Pace is a welcoming place; one can really feel at home here. We do everything we can to provide a clean and comfortable environment, spacious and well-organized common spaces and a healthy, tasty, interesting food.
Behind the hospitality there is a vision born out of the awareness that we are part of a world that support us all and that we wish to respect. Human beings, animals, vegetables and environment connect with each other as an indivisible whole.
We must discover the union of each part with the totality in ourselves, that discovery implies love, attention, daily dedication. The link between small details, like choosing an organic pasta made out of an ancient wheat, and the flow of life, may appear a too great jump, but it is the foundation of everything we do and we offer here.
Our search to put together simplicity and excellence in the preparation of meals, in the care of the place and in the quality of relations, derives from that vision.

We take care to reduce as much as possible our ecological footprint through limiting energy use, totally avoiding meat and using organic foods and ecofriendly cleaning products.
The vegan cookery seminars we offer explore questions interwoven between culinary art, food, health, environment and ethic.
The retreats based on silence and dialogue that we offer to whom is interested, are tools to enquire in-depth and without any pressure our inner world and invite to meet the beauty that surrounds us. They are inspired by the philosopher and educator J.Krishnamurti.
Casa della Pace invites to get away from noise and from media pressure and to connect to what is simple and present, that is why there are no televisions here and the Wi-Fi access to internet is limited.
Who writes this few lines is the founder of Casa della Pace. After a number of years I am still responsible for it, but I must say that a number of people, guests, friends or volunteers, with different nationality, culture, religion, did participate, and still do, to make this place what it is: open and, though small, international.