Retreats 2023




March 24th - 27th: Silent Retreat     >>>





April 28 - May 01; Yogasophia Spring Retreat - Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices. Stability, Clarity, Joy - Returning body and mind to their natural state. Event Facebook page link. Contact: Phone and Whatsapp: Francis 3398745970 - Ritu 3494206523 - Jacopo 3474774067. Email:


May 19-21; Iyengar Yoga and Meditation Retreat. Through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation , we will explore a deep space of calm and stability. Teacher Federica D'Avella. For information email :

May 24-28; Tantra - the mysterious meeting between Shiva and Shakti. Here is the essence of Hatha Yoga: the union between Shiva, Consciousness, the masculine principle, and Shakti, Power, the feminine principle. Through the techniques offered by the Tantric Yogas we will go to unveil the secret of this ancient and extraordinary tradition, to enter deeply into the spiritual dimension of Yoga.

Conducted by Stefano Severi. For information call 3494290312. Facebook: ArmoniaYogaModena

May 29-June 9; Dance and Walk; Let's dance some traditional European dances, walk in the green of nature and visit beautiful places in Umbria, such as Assisi and Gubbio; Useful links here and here. Contact:; tel. +49 176 27129664


June 1-4; The Voice That Flies - Residential Re-education in Breathing, Listening and Voice Through the teachings of Tantra, Mantra and Yantra with Dr. Yoga Thilagam Yogacharini Sangeeta Laura Biagi. This residential experience is for those who feel a desire to take care of themselves to rediscover the creative and healing power of their voice. Info and reservations: Eleonora Scotto; Tel:3356827707. Mail:;;;Facebook: sangeetalaurabiagi; YouTube: Sangeeta Laura BiagiPhD; Instagram: Sangeeta_laura_biagi

Jun 9-11: Hatha yoga (Ananda tradition) seminar, meditation and life coaching practices to reconnect with a higher plane of entrustment, where everything that happens is perfect and tailored to you. Teacher Giulia Shraddha Calligaro. For info and reservations click here.

June 16-18: Yoga, Nature & Relaxation; taking time for yourself, where Yoga and Meditation can contribute to our mental and physical well-being. We will learn about various styles of yoga, various breathing techniques and various meditations. Aromatherapy, painting, walking in the woods and more will stimulate your energy, bringing a true sense of deep well-being within you. Link:

June 22-25: Retreat in Silence; "...without the end of pain it seems to me that it is impossible to discover what love is" (J.Krishnamurti). A simple and essential program, the days are held in complete silence, apart from the morning and evening meditative dialogues. The facilitator of the retreat is Santi Borgni. He has been offering and facilitating J.Krishnamurti-inspired retreats based on dialogue and silence for over twenty years. For more info click here.


June 30-July 8; Integral Yoga teacher training course Intermediate level. The course begun in March is led by Paola Faini and Alessandra Cocchi, and the retreat is joined by the extraordinary presence of Swami Asokananda. Closed number.

July 8-14; Ashtanga Yoga summer retreat with Susanna Finocchi. A week of relaxation and total immersion in the world of Ashtanga Yoga practice, between Mysore practice in the morning and deepening in the afternoon. Find the full pogram here. Contacts:;; Ornella Quiroga Cell. 3880933835; Camilla Chianella Cell. 3497154272.

July 15-22; Iyengar yoga intensive with Karin Freschi. A week of immersion in the practice of asana and pranayama in the Iyengar tradition, open to all. For more info click here. Contact:, 349.8720051.


July 29-August 5; Dialogues on Change. Is radical transformation possible? The facilitator of the retreat is Santi Borgni. He has been offering and facilitating J.Krishnamurti-inspired retreats based on dialogue and silence for over twenty years. For more info click here.

Aug. 6-12: Full Awareness Meditation Retreat. "To rest is a precious verb. It is a recursive verb, it speaks of posing again, to continue to pose. Just what meditative practice patiently and confidently teaches us to explore: taking without grasping, putting down, to return. Letting go. That is how peace can arise. And it is precisely in the house of resting, the Casa della Pace, that we will experience five days to learn the supreme art of resting." Led by Gionata Agliati, for info and contact

August 12-19; A Holiday-Retreat immersed in the Stillness and Energy of Nature in the Umbrian hills, accompanied by Mindful Walking and the Healing Power of Song and Sound, Pranayam and Vibrational Healing Sessions. Holiday-Retreat conducted by Paramhansa Yogananda, with the accompanied by Harmonium and transmuting visualizations. For all info click here.

August 19-26; Iyengar Yoga Retreat. Open to all levels of practitioners, the retreat will explore a wide range of asanas and provide the basics of pranayama. Mornings will be more dynamic, while afternoon classes will focus on recovery and pranayama. The retreat will be held in English. Conducted by Hazel Sainsbury,

Aug. 26-Sept. 2; Weeklong Iyengar Yoga Retreat with Kristyan Robinson. Kristyan has been practicing Iyengar Yoga since 1990 and teaching since 2015. She is a warm and knowledgable teacher, she teaches with care and tailors her teaching to the individual student.


Sept. 7-10; silent retreat with Santi Borgni. Details coming soon.

Sept. 15-17; Residential Iyengar® yoga retreat. Teacher Monica Calvetti. Closed number.

Sept. 21-24; SADHANA - Yoga Retreat in English, 4 Days to Detox, Recharge, and Reconnect with your Blissful Self. Activities include Morning & Evening Yoga Classes, Breath-work, Yogic Philosophy, Mantra Chanting, Chakra Healing. Info :



October 20-23: * Ashtanga weekend. With Ornella Quiroga. 4 Mysore practices + 2 afternoon theoretical in-depth session. Info

28-10 - 01-11; Feeling. Following our own feeling is one of the hardest things to do during our daily lives, and in these days together we will bring ourselves back into listening. Yoga practices, meditation, the sound of gongs and contact with nature will be the basic tools to regain connection with our true feeling. For info