Yurts: three comfortable spaces to stay, beautiful and close to nature.

Our yurts are chestnut wood structures with a fir floor, simply furnished, with two beds, a table, a clothes rack; they have electric lighting and nearby bathrooms that can be private. They are inspired by Mongolian tents but reinvented: they have an octagonal base, a window that opens onto the roof, a second window in the wall and a wooden door. The walls and the interior top are made of cotton, the outer surface of the walls is waterproofed with a natural treatment.

It is a surprisingly cosy and aesthetically pleasing environment that combines almost room-like comfort with exceptional intimacy with nature and the gentle surrounding forest. The yurts are supplied with linen and towels. The third structure is slightly different in shape but retains the same concept of comfort and aesthetics, with the added bonus of a covered outdoor area.