A place for relaxing, for meeting the silence
of nature and the silence inside,
for living happy, light-hearted moments
or for staying with yourself.

Casa della Pace is a very good place for a holiday, alone, in couple or with your family.
A slow holiday, without following the crowded flows but giving time to yourself and to nature, a regenerative holiday thanks to the calm atmosphera of the place, to the good and healthy food and to natural environment.
A short list of what one can do, while being here:
- Walking along the paths that surround the house.
- Relax in the garden lounge around the house and refresh in the small pool.
- Receiving relaxing or therapeutic massages.
- Visiting the nearby historical town: Gubbio, Montone, Assisi, Perugia, Urbino, Arezzo, etc.


- Making an art tour, many masterpieces of Piero della Francesca, Raffaello, Giotto, Perugino and more are available within one hour driving.
- To read, looking at nature, having conversation with old and new friends, and giving time to yourself.

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Gubbio, Assisi, Perugia, Urbino, Anghiari, Arezzo, Montone, Pietralunga.

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