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Casa della Pace’s recipes are the result of years of experimenting vegetarian and vegan cookery, periods of study and meeting with many people coming from different parts of the world.
Generally they are representative of Mediterranean culture, but some are influenced by India and other countries.
Frequent questions from guests are: “what is there in this dish”, “What is the spice in this soup?” . . . . .  In fact many of our dishes doesn’t belong to any tradition, or they are traditional, or almost forgotten recipes, revised, as in home baking.
Here I am offering some of our recipes, hoping people will try them out and experiment with them.
The aim of our way of cooking is to explore the various tastes of foods, offering a variety of appealing dishes, and paying attention to their balance and using only healthy ingredients.
A good part of guests’ book comments speak about food with enthusiasm.
Below you may read a few of them in different languages:

Dear Santi and friends, your cooking is with the most delicate ingredients like devotion, love and peace. All the flavours of life. It make me feel special.
Wieneke. Hollande

Muito obrigado por una comida fantastica e muito saudável. Voltarei sempre.
Flavio - Brasil

Merci pour votre cousine - je n'ai manqué de rien. Pendent tout la semaine les saveurs et la pureté m'ont rendu heureuse.
Audrey - France

Dear Santi, thank you so much for your incredible food! Created with so much love and attention. You inspired me to continue your way of cooking at home.
Sylvie - Hollande

Ma che dire…. ne abbian visti di centri tanti,
ma quello che preferiamo è questo di Santi!
Lui illuminato, come in una favola,
il re della cucina e della buona tavola…
Yoga Arenzano

Sauces, dips and dressings

Note on recipes:
1 cup = 250 ml
tbsp = tablespoon
tsp = tea spoon